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Since 1978, Luceplan’s creative spirit combined with aesthetic and technological research has allowed the brand to produce exceptional lighting with functionality and efficiency in mind.

Committed to designing cutting-edge lighting solutions, Luceplan offers a versatile range of unique and dynamic lighting fixtures and delivers products to the highest standard with performance and aesthetic appeal. Their designs are constantly evolving to suit the needs of modern day styles and trends, making their products the perfect solution for any public space.

With collaborative and open environments growing increasingly popular for workplaces, hospitality sites, and even homes, architects and designers have been refocusing their layouts and furniture designs on effective sound control to improve overall comfort. “Office spaces are more frequently large open spaces with exposed ceilings,” says Giuseppe Butti, CEO of Luceplan North America. “This kind of environment is very pleasant to view, but creates huge acoustical challenges.”

This has inspired Luceplan to offer an ‘all in one solution’ with three exceptional products: The Diade, Pétale and Silenzio suspension lamps. “These unique lighting fixtures deliver optimal light distribution, high levels of performance, acoustical enhancement, and decorative elements that characterize any space – a perfect expression of the interaction of technology and design,” says Butti. Patrizia Vicenzi, Business Leader for Luceplan, adds “Providing suitable lighting and improving acoustic quality at the same time make it possible to create comfortable spaces, contributing to a boost in well-being and productivity.”

Following the success of Pétale, Luceplan released its second acoustical solution, Silenzio, designed by Monica Armani, a suspension lamp that combines quality lighting with a variety of beautiful fabrics. Each lighting system features high levels of sound absorption while offering an eye-catching design that truly sets a unique mood for public or private dwellings.

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